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Выпуск рассылки "Lotus Notes/Domino -- продукт и инструмент. Выпуск: 152" от 09-10-2009

Вышел новый выпуск рассылки "Lotus Notes/Domino -- продукт и инструмент. Выпуск: 152".

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Migrating from Domino to Exchange 2007 (Part 1) * Integrating IBM Lotus Notes with IBM Lotus Symphony using LotusScript and the Lotus Symphony Toolkit * Lotus Notes to Google Synchronizer * Colligo Networks - Collaboration Made Easy with Client for SharePoint and Instant Peer-to-Peer Collaboration * Andy's Blog * Lotus Notes User Forum | XING * IBM developerWorks : Lotus developer resources * IBM Lotus iNotes - Bring the enterprise to your Apple iPhone * OpenSpan Widget * Lotus Notes mail: comparing server-based mail and local replica mail * Lotus iNotes: Gartner says "this is trouble for Google" * Domino BlogSphere V3 * ESLUG Comunidad de Usuarios en espan~ol de Lotus * Usando las caracteri'sticas orientadas a objeto de LotusScript (I) * LotusScript | NoterosChile.cl * Proud Programmers Blog * How to manage passwords to secure Lotus Notes/Domino environments * IBM Lotus Knows * wissel.net :: View Selection Formulas * Ed Brill - Announcing Notes/Domino 8.5.1 part 2: Changing the client access model for Domino * Lotus simplifies client licensing; makes Designer free - Network World * The New Domino Admin >> Blog Archive >> Lotus Notes R8.5 Fix Pack 1: Bug in SURunAsWizard.exe IF you use the option to ``Store Files Into the SURunAs...'' * Email Testing: Preview Your Emails on All Major Email Clients - Litmus * Using the Message Recall feature in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino V8 * Domino Blog * LepoLand - A Blog by Alan Lepofsky - Alan's blog about software, technology, travel, and the occasional golf post. * Troubleshooting single sign-on (SSO) between IBM WebSphere Portal and ... * Lotus Domino Adds Native IPhone Support - PC World * Начальник отдела IT * Lotus Notes Developer * IBM LotusLive против Google Apps * А сколько платят хорошим QA? * Re: Оптимизация работы сервера Domino на платформе Windows Server 2003 * Re: Notes Error - Локальная куча переполнена ?? * Базовые настройки SpamSentinel for Lotus Domino * В то время как, например, Lotus Domino под


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