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Выпуск рассылки "Lotus Notes/Domino -- продукт и инструмент. Выпуск: 216" от 19-03-2010

Вышел новый выпуск рассылки "Lotus Notes/Domino -- продукт и инструмент. Выпуск: 216".

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Mei Ying's Tech Blog: Using SharePoint 2007 to Index a Lotus Notes Database * Jie Li's GeekWorld : Crawl Lotus Domino with Lotus Notes Connector in SharePoint Server 2010 * How to Configure Search to Honor Lotus Notes Security Settings * How can I sync Google Calendar with Lotus Notes 8.5? - Calendar Help * syncnotes2google - Project Hosting on Google Code * OpenNTF.org - GooCalSync * Lotus Notes to Google Synchronizer * IBM - Featured documents for Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino and Lotus iNotes * IBM - Fields Are not Inheriting OLE Objects or Attachments; "Note Item not Found" * Working with Eclipse and Java agents in Notes/Domino 7 * Domino 8.5.1 Java Coding Annoyance | Fri 20 Nov 2009 | Blog | CodeStore * Tutorial: Introduction to XPages * Google Apps Offers Migration for Microsoft Exchange * IBM - Quickstarter option in Notes 8; how to preload the Productivity Tools * IBM - Using Debug_Outfile on a Domino server * Lotus Notes and Domino wiki * Best Practice Makes Perfect - Attaching a file in the front-end from LotusScript * Complete guide to manually uninstalling "plugins" from Lotus Notes - lekkimworld.com * Lotus Notes-we need to talk * Survival of the unfittest | Technology | The Guardian * IBM - Monitoring the Update task performance in Domino * Lotus Notes and Domino wiki * How to Create a Wiki article and use Markup * Dedicated to Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for working with Lotus Notes ... * Lotus NoteBook * Instalando o Lotus Notes Client 8.5.1 no Ubuntu Karmic Koala - InfoBlogs * How to send someone an email that shows your calendar availability * Lotus Notes: Covering today's Lotus Notes and Domino topics * Tutorial: Introduction to XPages * Ищу IBM Lotus Notes Client 8.5 for Linux (Debian install) Russian http://bit.ly/aRL0S6 * Белогорцева Станислава Арсениевна * Твердиславова Маргарита Афанасьевна * А вот так мы настраиваем сервера Lotus Domino! А вы не знали? http://www.youtube ... * Сиднев Филипп Викторович * Божутина Евгения Ефимовна * Юрмегов Захар Витальевич *


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