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Выпуск рассылки "Lotus Notes/Domino -- продукт и инструмент. Выпуск: 244" от 28-05-2010

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Notes on Productivity - "You cannot know how truly horrible Lotus Notes is until you've been forced to use it" (via Twitter) * Lotus Notes on Terminal Server -- Ed Brill * Notes on Productivity - Listen to how I help people convince themselves that Notes doesn't really suck * Master Table of Contents for Building Domino Web Applications using Domino 8.5.1 * Domino Limits - Releases 6.5.x/7.x/8.x * Parity Solutions - Simply Migrate from Lotus Notes to Microsoft SharePoint * Google Maps para Lotus Notes * Gist * Noverka Conseil - Contact * LotusNotes-Google Calendar Synchronizer | Get LotusNotes-Google Calendar Synchronizer at SourceForge.net * Sync contacts, calendar, tasks and notes with Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile, Outlook and Google | CompanionLink Software * Lotus Nut * Lotus Notes| Domino??????? * ?????????????????? | OKWave * S044 ?????????????????????? * Welcome??????Work Space?? * Catalog: Application Development / Lotus * Achieving high availability with IBM Lotus iNotes * Smart Notes 2 Couch - Smart Tools for Lotus NotesDomino * Making Notes 8.x (including 8.5 beta) in Eclipse feel much faster. (Andrew's Blog 10/03/2008) * Official Google Enterprise Blog: Lotus Notes users can now ``go Google'' in phases * Understanding the IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.x client directory structure * Looking to migrate your apps off Lotus Notes? Move them to the cloud with Force.com's Cloud Computing Platform - salesforce.com * Systems Consultant 2 - Lotus Notes Support * Messaging Administrator (Lotus Notes) * Systems Engineer - Lotus Notes Domino * Lotus Notes Developer * Lotus Notes Developer * Lotus Notes Developer * Lotus Notes Developer * Lotus Notes Developer (CF) * Analyst, BlackBerry Premier Support - Lotus Notes / Domino * Lotus Notes Systems Administrator * Кадырова Таисия Геннадьевна * Сабанеева Лариса Юрьевна * Пилипюк Анна Николаевна * Соколинская Марина Сергеевна * Голиков Эдуард Денисович * Lotus Domino R5: * Специалист в банк, экономист * Thunderbird * Передельская Елизавета Артемо


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