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Выпуск рассылки "Lotus Notes/Domino -- продукт и инструмент. Выпуск: 220" от 02-04-2010

Вышел новый выпуск рассылки "Lotus Notes/Domino -- продукт и инструмент. Выпуск: 220".

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Outlook to Notes 851 Reference Card * DOE Lotus Notes - Server Login * Domino URL cheat sheet * Carl Tyler's Blog :: A very useful undocumented Domino URL command * THE VIEW Online Knowledgebase * XPages Blog * I Hate Lotus Notes * OpenNTF.org - Open Source Community for Lotus Notes Domino * Some Lessons Learned From The 8.5.1 getDocumentByKey Regression * XPages Blog - The XPages Blog * IBM developerWorks : Lotus : Best Practice Makes Perfect * "Database.GetView() now returns private version of 'shared private on first use' folders and views." -> NOT fixed in 6.0.4 as stated * GetView() - Private Views - Product Limitation * Embedded view OR Shared, private on first use view * How to force a Share Folder "Private on first use" to be create if it not exists ? * Shared desktop private on first use * How to get primary "Shared, private on first use" view and how to delete private views * IBM - Switches to use with the Compact server task * Domino Deployment Best Practices * Understanding the IBM Lotus Notes 8.5.x client directory structure * Upgrade Cookbook: Upgrading to Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5.1 * NotesRing.com - icons * Notes/Domino 6 and 7 Forum : delete private view * Consultant In Your Pocket * IBM Redbooks | IBM Lotus Domino Integration Using IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator * Domino is Not Dead: Why Now Is a Good Time to Consider a New Value Proposition, Part 1 > A Brief History of Domino * Domino Is Not Dead: Why Now Is a Good Time to Consider a New Value Proposition, Part 2 > Services in the Box * Tutorial: Introduction to XPages * IBM Lotus Domino and Notes Information Center - Restricting administrator access * Quest InTrust!!!! вот ис дас? * Шагина Христина Геннадьевна * Горбов Матвей Ростиславович * Трешникова Анна Даниловна * Фасонов Дмитрий Федорович * Островитинова Ксения Юрьевна * Кокушкин Олег Львович * Очиров Яков Андреевич * Корнякова Зоя Филипповна * Себастьянская Алиса Кирилловна * Рыкунов Кирилл Богданович * Хрущов Сергей Львович * Данилюк Лев Романов


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