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Выпуск рассылки "Lotus Notes/Domino -- продукт и инструмент. Выпуск: 252" от 17-06-2010

Вышел новый выпуск рассылки "Lotus Notes/Domino -- продукт и инструмент. Выпуск: 252".

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How to properly perform a backup of Lotus Domino with Backup Exec 11d for Windows Servers and later. * SWING PDF Converter 2.0 Exports Lotus Notes Content for Archiving, Sharing and Printing - Yahoo! News * Ed Brill - I've never been a developer * IBM's Project Vulcan: The Next Generation of Lotus Notes and a Rival To Google Wave * jonvon.net - Lotus Notes: The Long Goodbye * Create an ODBC connection to a Lotus Notes database - Architect ... * Power Tools * IQJam by Elguji Software - Recent Questions * jonvon.net * Notes App Store * IBM Lotus Domino and Notes Information Center * How can I sync Google Calendar with Lotus Notes 8.5? - Calendar Help * DominoForum - eingebettete Grafik [Forum - ND6.x Entwicklung] * The new IBM Lotus Notes 8 Out of Office functionality * Programmatically create HTML e-mails * IBM - Explanation of error codes associated with Sametime Community Services * Lotus Sametime Forum : RE: Sametime shows wrong status of people * Lotus Sametime Forum : RE: ST 8.5 Business Card blank * IBM How to recreate an ID file for a Lotus Notes user when the original file or password cannot be recovered - United States * Demo: Creating Out-of-Office messages in Lotus iNotes * ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/software/lotus/info/Domino/OOO_Webcast_Final.pdf * The IBM Lotus Notes and Domino Out of Office service: Best practices * IBM - Guide to the Notes/Domino Out of Office. Part 3: Configuration of the Out of Office * IBM - Guide to the Notes/Domino Out of Office. Part 2: ACL Access Level and its impact on the Out of Office behavior * IBM - Guide to the Notes/Domino Out of Office. Part 1: Out of Office Design and Features * Field Operations/Processing Support - SAP, Lotus Notes * Systems Consultant 2 - Lotus Notes Support * SENIOR LOTUS NOTES DEVELOPER/IT PROJECT MANAGER * Messaging Administrator (Lotus Notes) * Systems Engineer - Lotus Notes Domino * Lotus Notes Developer * Lotus Notes Developer * Lotus Notes Domino Engineer * Lotus Notes De


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